Byron’ has been a professional songwriter in Nashville since 1978. His songs are published by various companies including Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, and a few other smaller companies. Byron is currently a staff songwriter at Dan Hodges Music. You can also contact Byron direct by using the form below.

Byron performs as a singer/songwriter in Nashville and on the road. Byron is also available for corporate shows, office concerts, or “house concerts”. The “house concert” experience is a perfect event for friends, neighbors, business customers, or business colleagues. Byron, along with two or three other top songwriters, can present this unique and intimate self-contained listening experience right in your home or office, where you will hear the stories behind the hits and hear the songs performed by the songwriters who wrote them. This is the perfect show for celebrating special and meaningful occasions, a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers, customer appreciation parties, or just as a special evening for guests who love songs and songwriters. Sound equipment is provided (no extra charge) for house concerts, or in-office concerts and small events. For larger events, sound, lighting, and all staging needs can be arranged for you (costs vary for each situation). You just invite your attendees, provide the food and drinks, sit back, and enjoy the show (usually 1-2 hours), followed by a personal meet-and-greet with your guests. Contact Byron direct by using the form below.

Lots of information is available on this website, various length bios, discography, photos, etc., but please feel free to contact Byron direct for additional information. It is not recommended that information found on Facebook or other social networking sites be used as reliable and up-to-date info. Contact Byron direct by using the form below.

BHP Entertainment: www.bhprecordings.com

We regret that we cannot review or critique other songwriters’ material. Recent frivolous lawsuits in the music industry have forced many professional songwriters and their publishers to adopt this policy to avoid potential copyright infringement issues. Up and coming songwriters are strongly advised to join the Nashville Songwriters Association International. The NSAI has many programs to help songwriters of all types get their material reviewed and critiqued. Many of today’s professional songwriters utilized the NSAI’s resources to get into the business, make contacts and grow their careers. We cannot stress enough how important the NSAI can be for ALL songwriters of ALL genres, amateurs and pros. Call the NSAI at 615-256-3354 for more info.

Byron is not a fee-based “custom” producer for hire, and only works with artists that have commercial or placement merit, or with established artists desiring to further their careers. If you meet one of these criteria, contact Byron direct by using the form below.

Got a direct question or comment for Byron? Fill out the form below and Byron himself will get back to you very quickly. These messages go straight to his email.