OCTOBER 1, 2016 –  Congratulations to Canadian artist Danielle Marie for her two nominations for the 2016 BCCMA (British Columbia Country Music Association) Awards. One of Danielle’s  nominations is for 2016 BCCMA Song of the Year, a song she co-wrote with Byron called “Drive Away”. The award winners will be announced at the BCCMA Awards on October 23rd in Canada. The Drew Fish Band has recorded and released “Sounds Like A Plan” on their Treat You Right EP. The song was co-written with longtime Nashville songwriter Roger Brown and with Texas Music artist Curtis Grimes. A recent review from Texas says ‘Whether it is hard driving, foot stomping, honkytonk music, a tune about getting a little rowdy on the weekend or a slow heart wrenching tale of a love gone astray, the Drew Fish Band evokes the essence of the Texas music scene’. Nashville singer/songwriter Minnie Murphy has recorded two of Byron’s songs for her upcoming project. New Zealander Bruce Greaves has recorded Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous (Hill/Tester) on his Ace In The Hole CD, released on August 28th. Australian artist Karin Page will be releasing a song co-written with Byron soon. We keep hearing that the Hollywood Hillbillies are going to record a couple of kick-ass country shuffles that Byron co-wrote. Maybe they did, anyone know? As reported earlier in the summer, the legendary Mickey Gilley ‘s next album will be entitled Kickin’ It Down The Road, and will include the song “Kickin’ It Down The Road” (Hill/Cosner/Kenny). In a September interview in the Gulfport, MS Sun Herald, Gilley says “I’ve been working on a new CD…I was in North Carolina and I saw this guy (Michael Cosner) performing in front of the theater and he handed me a CD. I usually never listen to them but I listened to this one and it had a song called ‘Kickin’ It Down The Road’ and it was so well-written that I presented it to my friend Johnny Lee and he looked at me like I was nuts so I went and recorded it myself.” Gilley said the song became the centerpiece of the album (set for early fall 2016).  Rising country artist Mo Pitney released his debut Curb Records project Behind This Guitar this week…on October 7. The album contains the song “Come Do A Little Life” (Hill/Pitney/Nance).  Amy Metcalfe has recorded a song co-written with Byron and with Quinn Loggins for her next project. Nashville singer Tarryn Aimee Smith has been in the studio recording again…this time a special acoustic jazz project with producer Jim Reiley for film and TV placement. The project includes “Are You Looking For Me” (Hill/Smith) and “Don’t Let Life Get In The Way” (Hill/Smith), songs that Tarryn had previously recorded a few years back with a full band. Byron’s publishing deal has been renewed with Dan Hodges Music LLC