Upcoming Shows/Events


Date Artists City Venue
06/02/17 Byron Hill, Odie Blackmon, and R.L. Castleman Nashville, TN Belmont University, International Country Music Conference
Time: 9:00 am. International Country Music Conference Panel. Moderated by Center of Popular Music Director: Greg Reisch. More details coming soon.
06/06/17 Private Event Nashville, TN TBA
Time: 6:00 pm. Private Event
06/24/17 Byron Hill, Anthony Smith, and others Sparta, NC 2nd annual Backwoods Beat Singer/Songwriter Festival
Time: 8:00 am. Box office: 336-209-0475. Address: Crouse Park, 60 Cherry St.. Venue phone: 336-209-0475. Contact: Barbara Halsey for details, 336-209-0475
07/01/17 Private Event Mulberry, TN Private Venue
Time: 6:00 pm. Private Event
07/15/17 Byron Hill, Roxie Dean, and Wil Nance Arrington, TN TBA
Time: 7:00 pm. Event for the Joshua Chamberlain Society. Open to the public. Details coming soon!
09/07/17 Byron Hill, Wil Nance, Jim “Moose” Brown, and Karen Staley Nashville, TN The Bluebird Cafe
Time: 9:00 pm. Address: 4104 Hillsboro Pike. Venue phone: 615-383-1461. Stories and Songs